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Magento 2 version of Altima Lookbook Pro. This Magento extension provides merchants with possibility to create lookbbooks - an interactive slider with multiple clickable tags-hotspost on every slide.

A version of the most popular Magento lookbook extension for Magento 2.X

Same with Altima LookBook Professional provides your visitors with true "Shop the look" experience. The functionality provided is amost the same with Altima Lookbook Pro for Magento 1.X

  • Unlimited number of sliders. You may create as many sliders as you need - for example for every collection or category of product
  • Responsive and mobile friendly (support of gesttures)
  • No limits in number of slides in slider and hotspots per slide
  • Hotspots can contain "Add to cart button", product thumbnail and short description
  • Thumbnails of slides or pagination at the bottom of sliders
  • Over 20 transition effects
  • Easy integration, you can assign lookbok through admin interface to CMS and category pages with before and after content;
  • Custom hotspot icon - you can load you own icon to replace default $ sign
  • Priority Support;
  • Multi-domain licence - additional paid option, that support any domain domains running from one Magento installation. 
  • Single slide mode - if you need to put just one slide, no navigation and transition effects, click here to see demo
  • Default slide link. It will work from slide's areas not related with any hotspots, so effectively you can use Altima Lookbook Pro as a simple slider. That default link is also clickable when a slider degrades to a simple gallery mode on small screens
  • Ability to pass slide number in URL, so now you can link to specific slide of your lookbook slider 
  • Pinterest integration
Domains and multi-domain version
You need a licence to use Altima LookBook Professional Extension for Magento The licence is linked to domain name - one licence suppors with one production and one development  domain (there will be a short text warning with dev domain).

You can also purchase multi-domain version. That lets you to run any front-end domains as long as they are run from the same Magento installation. If you are buying multi-domain version, you should specify your main admin interface domains as domains (for Production and Development environments).


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Version 2.2.6


Version number: 2.2.6

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.3 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.3

Magento 2.3.3 compatibility added

Version 2.2.5


Version number: 2.2.5

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.3 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.3

Fixed widget implementation, Magento 2.3.2 compatibility tested

Version 2.2.4


Version number: 2.2.4

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.3 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.3

Tested for Magento 2.3.1, minor fixes

Version 2.2.3


Version number: 2.2.3

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.3 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.3

Fix issue with multiple hotspots to the same product on the same slide.
ScopeConfigInterface bug fix

Version 2.2.2


Version number: 2.2.2

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.3 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.3

Improved hotspot information display

Version 2.2.0


Version number: 2.2.0

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.2.5 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.2.5

Added progressive slider load - new slides are loaded while user view already loaded slides. A useful for slider with significant number of slides, initial load time is reduced. Can be enabled and disabled in slider options.
Added possibility to embed sliders as standard Magento widget
Added hotspot to product category (by category id)
Improved category selection UX
Added proper support of Tier/Customer group pricing
Added support of configurable product options like color/size inside hotspot pop-up

Version 2.1.2

2018-01-19 13:05:22

Version number: 2.1.2

Stability: Stable
Compatibility: Community Edition: 2.0.1-2.2.2 , Magento Enterprise: 2.0.1-2.2.2

Fixed issue with serial check for domains with non-standard port used

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2.1.X till 2.1.10, 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.0.X compatibility is not guaranteed, update to newer version is recommended

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45 days bugfix