Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy Community or Enterprise licence

It depends on the edition of Magento eCommerce you use.

If you have Community version you should buy Community Licence, if you have Magento Enterprise (including Enterprise Premium) - you should purchase Enterprise Licence

What is your support response time
We typically answer your email not later than next business day. Business days are Mon-Fri excluding public holidays.
Where I can see Altima LookBook in action, do you have demo website?

Definetely we have demo website, visit to see how Altima LookBook works.

You can find link to demo of every extension we sell at its page, check for "View demo" link.

I see JavaScript error after I installed Lookbook

Perhaps the another extension insert some JavaScript code to the same page and you have a conflict. Check it please with Firebug and fix. See also the next Q&A about jQuery

I've installed Lookbook, it is displayed in admin, but I don't see the slider in the front-end

We use jQuery library for our Lookbook slider.

Any jQuery plug-in must me included after jQuery itself is included only.

Also we have seen jQuery included 2, 3 or even 4 times on the same page of some of our clients websites. That can cause the JavaScript errors as well.

In Lookbook Professional you will have the option to enable/disable jQuery for the whole website. This can help if you already have  jQuery added at all the pages.

Also you can enable/disable jQuery individually for each Lookbook slider inserted as a widget. Use Widget Information tab when create/edit the slider. 

With free version of Altima Lookbook you should manually check the code and make sure that jQuery is included only once.

here is an error message about the licence displayed

First of all make sure that you entered the correct serial. No spaces must be before and after the serial.

Next make sure that the compilation is disabled. Clear the Magento Cache and cache of the other cache systems (apc, memcached, nginx cache…).

If this doesn't help, you need to upgrade your Lookbook Pro extension. There was the issue with license logic in the old versions up to 0.1.3. Contact us about update options available.

How to embed free version of Lookbook to my Magento store pages?

To embed free version of Altima Lookbook Free in your Magento store you should insert next snippet of code to the page where you want to see it:

 {{block type="lookbook/lookbook" template="lookbook/lookbook.phtml"}} 

Also, free version of lookbook sits on the page, so you can direct your users there using button/link.

My category listings in grid mode only (not list mode) lost all their information (description, price, add to cart button, etc..) With a little digging I found the CSS code from lookbookslider was hiding .product-info and so I turned that off. I'm a littl

The problem you had on category listing related with the fact that there was a style names conflict in the theme you use and lookbook styles. Unfortunately we can't predict all the names used on any website.

The solution to resolve the conflict is renaming ".product-info" to say ".hotspot .product-info" and to increase z-index for .product-info. to make the links in hotspots clickable.

Note for our future clients: we offer professional installation of our solution where we can take care of such things as styling conflicts, so you can be sure that have working extension installed on your store.

How to change default $ hotspot icon?

You can change default $ hotspot icon in Lookbook Professiona edition. To do that go to System/Configuration/LookBook Professional in your Magento admin interface, where you can upload your own icon.

I want to make more tweaks in extension. What other options available?

Altima Lookbook Free and Altima Lookbook Pro up to version 1.6.0 use Camera library for slideshow. In addition to the options you can manage via admin interface, there are number of other tweaks available. Check to see all of them.

From version 1.6.0 Altima Lookbook Pro uses Cycle2 plug-in, you can find more information about it at

Note: you need to have certain level of HTML/CSS skill to work with that tweaks.

Can I get Lookbook Pro licence for IP address or localhost instead of domain?

Our licensing engine doesn't accept IP address or localhost. We need a proper domain to issue your license, even local (e.g. devel.test). It is a good practice to create a sub-domain for your staging environment, for example or where you can host staging version of your website.

My development environment has changed, how can I get new developer license?

Drop us email to with the reference to your order and current development licence and we will handle it.

How to .. (add hotspot, resize photo or do other things)?

The first source of answers to these questions are user manuals.

The links to the last user manuals are available at product pages, find "Download User guide" link under images:

Altima Lookbook Free - 

Altima Lookbook Pro

Magento 1 version -

Magento 2 version -

You can also find Altima Lookbook Free user manual at Slideshare

If you can find answer to your question in the manual or in this F.A.Q. don't hesitate to drop us a line to via contact form on our Contacts page

I don't see upload button when edit my slide in admin interface

There are 2 most typical reasons of this problem:

1. Conflict with other extension(s). In this case it require careful examination, consider ordering installation service from us ($60) if you are not comfortable doing this job yourself.

2. Compilation. When you enable compilation (Merge JavaScript Files) all Javascript files from all extensions you use are combined into one, so even a trivial error in one Javascript file affects not only the original extension, but many and can break the whole website. We've seen cases of missed semicolon in one extension file makes use of Lookbook impossible. For quick check, try to disable compilation. If all good without it - this is a case.

Why I don't see hotspots on your demo website from mobile devices ?
Lookbook is mobile friendly and can display hotspots on mobile screens. To check it you may go to the same demo site and turn your phone into landscape mode. It should show you slider with hotspots. We have a setting that by default hotspots are hidden for screen width 400 pixels or below. This is because many our customers believe that hotspots on too small screens are not very practical and make more confusion than help. However if you believe that hotspots should be presented on mobile screens you can change that 400 threshold.
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