Annotated Product Images

for magento 1

Add interactive hotspots with annotations to any product image. You can use it to stress your product features, annotate complex products, link one products with others.


With Altima Annotated Product Images extension for Magento eCommerce you can add interactive hotspots to any your product image.

The images can be 3 types:

  • Link to other product in your store (will be displayed with thumbnail and Add to Cart button)
  • Link to any other web page
  • Text annotation
Annotations are completely optional you don't have to apply it for any product images, just use them where you need them.

Possible scenarios of use

  • You sell premium products and want to stress the most important features that covey your product value to customers. For example type of leather, stitching, zipping on luxury leather handbag
  • You sell technically complex product and want to educate user about its features, e.g. buttons on the laptop or different parts on the engine
  • You have losely related group of products and want user to add them from main product in visual and easy to use way (like sticks to skis)


  • Support of custom hotspot icon to replace default (+) sign
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited number of hotspots
  • Support of product image zoom, hotspots are displayed on both smaller and zoomed image
  • Easy to use, the interface is built in in product editing
  • Open-source

Licensing and domain

The extension is licenced for one production domain specified when you place an order. You can use it for other domains if they run from the same Magento install.

If you run several stores from different Magento installs you need a separate licence for each store.

You can use the extension on unlimited number of non-production (staging and development) environments.


Buy with peace of mind

Purchasing new software may be uneasy decision and have a risky side. What if it doesn’t work as promised or have nasty bugs? We want to reduce that risks for you:

  • For 45 days after purchase we’ll fix all bugs (if any) free of charge
  • For 30 days after purchase you can request full money back (no questions asked)
  • We accept payments via Paypal that provides an additional layer of protection
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Magento CE: 1.6 to 1.9.x.x

Magento EE: 1.11 to 1.14

30 days money back
45 days bugfix