WooCommerce Lookbook Professional

for WooCommerce

Professional version of advanced slider with multiple hotspots per slide for WooCommerce/Wordpress. Unlimited number of sliders, slides and hotspots. Each hotspot can be linked to product in WooCommerce store or to any URL, providing true shop the look experience for customers.

Professional version our lookbook slider extension for WooCommerce/Wordpress stores. Help your customers visualise what they purchase from you. 

Full list of features:

  • Unlimited number of sliders. Use as many as you wish sliders to showcase different collections, product categories, seasonal specials, etc
  • "Add to cart" button in hotspot
  • Product thumbnail image and short description in displayed on rollover on hotspot
  • No limits with number of images per slide
  • No limits with number of hotspots 
  • Thumbnails or pagination to navigate between slides
  • 25 transition effects
  • Support of custom hotspot icon. You can replace our default $ icon for hotspot with your own
  • Priority Support;
  • Responsive design support - lookbook sliders are adaptive and resized according screen resolution
  • Mobile and touchscreens friendly - support of gestures to slide the slides

Note that the product is targeting Wordpress users with WooCommerce installed, so it will not work if WooCommerce isn't installed


When you purchase WooCommmerce Lookbook Professional you define your production and development domains. The plug-in will work on this domains only. If you have multiple stores with different domain you need to buy extra licence. For volume purchase - contact us.

Buy with peace of mind

Purchasing new software may be uneasy decision and have a risky side. What if it doesn’t work as promised or have nasty bugs? We want to reduce that risks for you:

  • You can use our Free LookBook for WooCommerce extension for a test drive
  • For 90 days after purchase we’ll fix all bugs (if any) free of charge
  • For 30 days after purchase you can request full money back (no questions asked)
  • We accept payments via Paypal that provides an additional layer of protection
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Wordpress: required at least 3.2, tested up to 4.7 and 4.8-RC2

WooCommerce: required 2.3.0 or higher, tested up to 3.1.0

30 days money back
45 days bugfix